Cookie Law

Alert your visitors about the use of cookies on your website. Comply with the hideous EU Cookie Law.


See what you can do with some of predefined themes

    Custom CSS

    Override default styles with slightly crazy custom CSS.


      An informational notice simply tells users that we use cookies, and lets the user dismiss the message. This is the simplest solution, and recommended for most websites.


        An opt-out notice tell users that we’re using cookies, and lets them choose if they wish to out-out of cookies or not. If they opt-out, a small tab lets them change their mind later.


          An opt-in notice ask users for permission to use cookies. Unless they say so, no cookies will be used. A small tab allows them to change their mind later.


            If you want, cookie-law can automatically adapt to the user's location. Choose a country and see how the law and banner changes: